Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Had to drive over an hour for Noah's heart doctor visit today so I will write more later.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy few days

I know I haven't posted in a few days. It was a busy weekend. Saturday I had to shop for my sister in law's baby shower. My sister and I were in charge of games and we had to get prizes for the winners. I used a lot of coupons and got some good deals. We gave out some Glad Wisp Flameless candles. I used my buy one get one free coupon. You can print one of these coupons here. There are also 5.00 off coupons for them which you can print here. Target has them on sale this week for $5.99. You should be able to use the buy one get one free coupon and then use two 5.00 off coupons too. That would make them .50 a piece.
We played the diaper game where you melt a piece of chocolate in a diaper and try to guess what candy bar it is. Here is a picture of a few of the diapers

Sunday morning Noah was showing his artistic ability. Here is his artwork

Today I stopped in CVS to get my middle son some cough drops. Valentine items were 90% off Here is what I got for .99 total

There are 32 cards in a box and they come with lollipops too. I will use these for Nathan and Madisyn's classrooms next year.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This is the lovely weather we woke up to this morning. What makes it even more fun (ha) is that I had to take the little guy in for shots at the doctor office. And my oldest had to get her TB test she had done Wednesday checked out. AFter that I took advantage of this weather and took oldest in for her bloodwork she needed done for nursing school. I knew it would be empty due to the weather and figured I was already out. Why not.

I gave Noah a haircut yesterday. I don't think I did too bad. Here is a shot after his haircut. Just can't see paying $10 Plus for a few snips. I could have given him a buzz cut but just couldn't bring myself to that so I trimmed him up.
Hey he is almost 2 like he cares about his hair. LOL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great News!

I just got an email from Carol that they are being discharged and coming home. I am so happy for them. Thanks for everyone keeping them in your prayers!

Mercedes, sorry I didn't get to reply to your comment the other day. My son is doing wonderful (as you can see in the pictures below) Thank you so much for asking about him.


Here is the new dishwasher!!

and someone else is who happy to have a new dishwasher, LOL

Maddie was more interested in the box than the dishwasher

So far I am loving my dishwasher. Nice change to the old one not cleaning everything and me having to hand wash dishes. Yes I am spoiled I know.

As for Carol she is still in the hospital with her son. Her whole family has gotten this flu now except her. Praying she doesn't get it and that they get to come home tonight before the bad weather we are expecting here at home. (plus I am having freebie withdrawal. I have come to rely on her for the freebies instead of hunnting them out myself as I used to.) WE are all thinking of you and your family Carol!

As for my frugal deals....I did stip at Rite-Aid last night and got some great deals. I saved 14.50 in coupons and also went to Giant grocery store and spent 44.25 and saved a total of 49.61. 31.00 of that being store savings the rest was coupons. Maybe later when I have more time I can get into the details of my trips. Until then.....
Have a great one!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


ok first thing first, I feel horrible. I think my "cold" is actually the flu. Instead of getting better each day I feel worse.

Now to top it off my high school kids are getting out early yet again due to another "threat" (they are always bomb threats) This one must be a little different because they have never been dismissed early due to it. They have gone to another building and the school was searched or else it was supposed to happen in a few days and they had to go through metal detectors in the morning. I really feel for these kids. This is becoming a weekly thing. There is even a reward offered for this. check it out here This really is sad for my daughter who is a senior. Senior year should be fun but all she has had this year is threat after threat. The school was using a bathroom sign in sheet but I am not sure what happened to that. Apparently all the threats are on the bathroom walls. I just wish I could come up with an idea to stop these threats.

Oh and I do have pics of my dishwasher I just need to upload them. Tonight I promise!
No word from Carol today. I am hoping things are better today and she is on her way home. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Still waiting for my new dishwasher. Hubby went to pick it up. I saved a sinkful of dishes to try it out when he gets it installed. Crazy I know. I will post a pic once he has it in and ready.
I talked to Carol today. They are still in the hospital hopefully they can come home tomorrow but who knows. Her son is still on oxygen so it is basically a waiting game for him to get off of that and be able to come home. Keep them in your prayers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

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Today's Ramblings

Today was an uneventful day really. Ran to AC Moore to get some scrapbooking supplies. (like I need another craft to do). We had mild weather today although it is supposed to turn cold and I heard talk of snow.
Hubby had nerve testing done today. We really won't know the full results for a few weeks when he sees his surgeon.
I hope she doesn't mind my mentioning this but my good friend Carol is currently with her little guy in the hospital. He has the flu. Now normally that isn't that big of an ordeal but he is also a heart child. Life is different when you are the parent of a child with a heart defect. I got a bit worried when I didn't hear from her all day (I knew they had a doc appt) and had a feeling they got admitted. He is now in the same hospital that my little guy just got out of. Seems our boys are always in that place around the same times but never at the same time(would make it easier for us that way, lol) So please keep them in your prayers that he gets better soon and they can come home!
Hope everyone else is doing well!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Target Today

Stopped at Target today to pick up my son's meds. So while I was there did a little coupon shopping. I picked up
Purina Dog food on sale for 8.49 I used a 1.00 off coupon and a 1.50 off target coupon i had
64 oz bottle of welch's white grape juice for 2.99 and i used a vocalpoint coupon for 2.00 off
bought 16 market pantry string cheeses and used 8 of the target coupons from a full cup making them free
a bag of earth's best flat chips on sale for 1.99 used the free bag coupon and the register deducted 2.99 for them
lipton pyramid tea bags that were 3.14 and had a free coupon that register deducted 4.00 off

making the total for these items 5.12
I did pick up 2 boxes of bounce fabric sheets they were 1.97 each and i had a target 1.00 off 2 coupon and 2 20 cents off manufacturer coupons
Not a bad shopping day. I did leave the kids grab a candy goodie at the checkout since they were so well behaved today.
Any good deals for you today?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Present

I bought myself a new dishwasher today. Here is a picture

I however bought it in white. It is just easier to see the picture in black. Now this was on sale for 254.99 plus tax and of course for half that price they offered the protection agreement....NOT! I stood there listening to the man, all the while thinking of this post over at Be Thrifty Like Us.
My new dishwasher will be arriving at the store Tuesday for us to pick up. Only a few more days of handwashing my dishes.
There was also a sale on apparel at Sears 30% off the clearance items so I took advantage and got a few things for the kids. Sorry no pictures...
Next I need to stop at the grocery store to take advantage of the double 1.00 coupons this week. I don't plan on getting much just a few items and a ham to make ham and bean soup. Will let you know if I get any great deals.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


My friend Carol over at Frugal Finds had posted to send Get Well cards for my son after is surgery. Well we are very grateful to all who have sent cards. Today in Noah's mail was a large envelope in the envelope were a bunch of Valentine Cards! Someone collected them and sent them all in one envelope. That was really neat and a wonderful idea. It was also great that it was timed to arrive on Valentines Day. Here is a picture of him with his cards. Thank you again to all who have sent Noah something.

Hmm, now who is this card from....

Look Mom, I got lots of Valentines!!!

Long Day

Today was the little guy's post op checkup. It was an icy rainy day here and the kids had off of school. We decided to leave early enough to stop in at the hospital and check in on the other HLHS kids that were there. We had to take a detour as there was some kind of accident on the turnpike and it was closed. At the hospital I am happy to report that both babies doing well. The families were happy to see us there. At the appointment all went well. Everything is looking good from the surgery. Not much else to report on. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heart Mom Lessons
Heart mom lesson number ten...
Forget who you were...and who you have been... Life is take a detour... And you will be your very core. You've just found out...something's not right... How will you make it through this plight? What can you do? What should you expect? Of life with a child...with a heart defect?
Heart mom lesson number nine...
You'll learn to say...things are just fine... When people stop... to just say hi... There will be long to cry... Bound by worry...fear... and stress... At'll think..."I am a mess"... You'll smile...nod...and contemplate... Then say..."thank you"...were doing great.
Heart mom lesson number eight...
You'll learn just what it means to wait. Patience is a virtue right? Who really needs to sleep at night? A hospital room... not a permanent state... As each day passes... home must wait. Patience is knowing...things won't stay the same... Patience is accepting...a changing time frame.
Heart mom lesson seven here...
Our children's futures still aren't clear... Innovations continue to thrive... Each year more children will survive... These children...and their families... Will rise to fight...these CHD's... imperative... Our kid's need a live.
Heart mom lesson number six....
It's clear life holds no easy fix... If life were every way... I guess...I'd have no need to pray... I'd still be living...blind...and dim... Forgetting...I must lean on HIM.. I cannot change the way things are... But prayer makes God...seem not so far.
Heart mom lesson number five...
Cherish this day...your child's alive... Today we frolicked in the snow... (Did he like it? I watched him snowflakes fell... I thought...thank God...he's doing well... A bundled boy...warm glove... No doubt about it...this is love.
Heart mom lesson number four...
There is always time for more... More messes that need cleaning up... More cartoons on t.v... More yes...I'm gonna tickle you... (The best things remain free) More bubbles in the bathtub... More more song... More this little piggie went to market... One more...just can't be wrong.
Heart mom lesson number three...
Their special us to see... Did I always understand? That God holds our lives in his hand? Before my child...I took for granted... The gifts in my life...that God surely planted... Before my eyes...I missed My heart child came...I see them now.
Lesson number two...
take heart... It is fall apart... It's not easy...we don't know... Will we watch our children grow? God looks to his angels...saying see why I chose her... She is not afraid to lose her composure... In her heart...she feels defiled... But nothing will stop her... from loving her child.
Heart mom lesson...number one...
It must be said...we're never done! That day...will never come you see... We'll always face uncertainty... But I will face each day unknown... Taking heart...I'm not alone. These lessons... remind me to cope... Stand strong...believe...and always hope...


Blinkie Maker
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My oldest daughter will be graduating High School in June. Last week she received her acceptance letter to Nursing School. I am so very happy for her and proud of her. I really feel she made a wise decision going into nursing. It is a profession that is in need of people and there will always be job security. I know she will make a wonderful nurse in a few years.

Free Cheese

I went to target last night to get a few things. Before I went I printed of some coupons from A Full Cup
and came home with 18 string cheese for free

My kids love string cheese and I love FREE
I also picked up this new pantry so I can stock up on things we use.

One week ago today at this time my son had just come out of his surgery about 2 hours prior. It still amazes me how quickly he recovered.
I am just thankful we are home and his journey of surgeries is over.

Lastly one of my favorite places to stop by to check out freebies is YDF Forums if you've never been there stop by and have a look around. Lots of great freebies posted daily!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Boy

A few pics from our hospital stay


Well FRiday night my son came home from his surgery. AMazing little guy. He seemed to have recovered very quickly. I had planned to spend at least a week in the hospital but he surprised us all. Who knew you could have open heart surgery on a Tuesday morning and come home Friday evening.... children recover so quickly.
Anyway, I am back now. I feel as though I missed a whole week of deals, but really I didn't go out shopping so I saved. I did have to spend some money in the hospital and for gas for the family to come visit us but other than that I spent nothing.
I see today in the CVS flyer there is a deal on the back page that if you buy $20.00 worth of those products you get $5.00 ECB's back. Pampers are on that list along with toilet paper. I think I may use the $1.00 off coupons I have for the diapers and TP and a $4.00 off 20 if there are some to print and do that deal. One always needs diapers. I really haven't checked out all of the deals yet but I will write about my shopping when I go. It is cold, windy and snowing here so I may have to wait until tomorrow to get out. I don't want to drag the baby out in this after just having his surgery. Hope you are finding some great deals.
Here is a link for a free bag of Flat Earth Chips. Will be curious to try these myself.
Free Bag Chips

Monday, February 4, 2008


My wonderful friend Carol at Frugal Finds from your Frugal Friend has tagged me. So first thing first here that goes

Four Jobs I have had
1. retail manager of battery store
2. proof operator at a bank
3. candy packer
4. hospital lab clerk

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. The Game Plan
2. Cheaper By the Dozen
3. Are we there Yet
4. Grease

Four of my fave foods
1. tacos
2. pizza
3. steak
4. homemade mac and cheese

Four TV shoes I love to watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House
3. ER
4. Jon and Kate plus Eight ( i love picking on that woman, she actually used to work at the same hospital as me)

Four places I have lived
(gonna be creative here as I have only lived in one area really)
1. with my dad
2, with my mom
3. with frinds
4. with hubby and the kids

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Jersey Shore
2. South Carolina
3. Maryland
4. Disney

Four Website I visit Daily
1. Frugal Finds
2. Baby Cheapskate
3. Be Thrifty like Us
4. Sisterly Savings

Four places I would rather be right now
1. sleeping
2. sleeping
3. sleeping
4. hawaii

4 people I am tagging...
ok I will have to add this a little later.
but hey i got most of it done.

My baby boy goes in for his open heart surgery in the morning. I am just a mess....but hey who wouldn't be right? I still have some packing to do and thing to get ready. Hopefully I will get to finish this post. I also hope I am able to get some hot spots at the hospital and use my laptop. If not I will return when we get home from our hospital stay!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not so Frugal Days

Ok so after trying so hard to be frugal I have to admit my actions over the last 24 hours have been nothing but frugal. First yesterday I went to H & R Block to do my taxes....and file rapid refund to get my check back the next day. Now I know what you are all thinking....I am nuts and frankly I am. I could have very well done them myself and had them directly deposited in 10-14 days into my bank account. BUT I am leaving Tuesday morning for my son's heart surgery and the trips back and forth are not cheap. So I had to make sure we had money for the family to come visit us daily and for me to pay up on bills while I am gone. So I broke down and spent the money to have my tax refund today. I got a very VERY nice refund so I am trying to justify the funds spent to myself.
Now for more UNfrugalness....I then went today and bought my little man a few new toys for his hospital trip. I got him some wooden puzzles and some stringing beads (cars and trucks really) to do while he is in the hospital. While I was shopping I also got a few good deals on cereal, poptarts, instant potatoes etc. I also got a few snacks for the hospital, which will prove cheaper than going to the vending machines.
Don't worry I won't be spending much myself while I am in the hospital with him. So I guess it will all even out.
Off to go cut/print coupons to make up for my unfrugal ways.


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