Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not so Frugal Days

Ok so after trying so hard to be frugal I have to admit my actions over the last 24 hours have been nothing but frugal. First yesterday I went to H & R Block to do my taxes....and file rapid refund to get my check back the next day. Now I know what you are all thinking....I am nuts and frankly I am. I could have very well done them myself and had them directly deposited in 10-14 days into my bank account. BUT I am leaving Tuesday morning for my son's heart surgery and the trips back and forth are not cheap. So I had to make sure we had money for the family to come visit us daily and for me to pay up on bills while I am gone. So I broke down and spent the money to have my tax refund today. I got a very VERY nice refund so I am trying to justify the funds spent to myself.
Now for more UNfrugalness....I then went today and bought my little man a few new toys for his hospital trip. I got him some wooden puzzles and some stringing beads (cars and trucks really) to do while he is in the hospital. While I was shopping I also got a few good deals on cereal, poptarts, instant potatoes etc. I also got a few snacks for the hospital, which will prove cheaper than going to the vending machines.
Don't worry I won't be spending much myself while I am in the hospital with him. So I guess it will all even out.
Off to go cut/print coupons to make up for my unfrugal ways.


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