Wednesday, February 20, 2008


ok first thing first, I feel horrible. I think my "cold" is actually the flu. Instead of getting better each day I feel worse.

Now to top it off my high school kids are getting out early yet again due to another "threat" (they are always bomb threats) This one must be a little different because they have never been dismissed early due to it. They have gone to another building and the school was searched or else it was supposed to happen in a few days and they had to go through metal detectors in the morning. I really feel for these kids. This is becoming a weekly thing. There is even a reward offered for this. check it out here This really is sad for my daughter who is a senior. Senior year should be fun but all she has had this year is threat after threat. The school was using a bathroom sign in sheet but I am not sure what happened to that. Apparently all the threats are on the bathroom walls. I just wish I could come up with an idea to stop these threats.

Oh and I do have pics of my dishwasher I just need to upload them. Tonight I promise!
No word from Carol today. I am hoping things are better today and she is on her way home. We shall see.


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