Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here is the new dishwasher!!

and someone else is who happy to have a new dishwasher, LOL

Maddie was more interested in the box than the dishwasher

So far I am loving my dishwasher. Nice change to the old one not cleaning everything and me having to hand wash dishes. Yes I am spoiled I know.

As for Carol she is still in the hospital with her son. Her whole family has gotten this flu now except her. Praying she doesn't get it and that they get to come home tonight before the bad weather we are expecting here at home. (plus I am having freebie withdrawal. I have come to rely on her for the freebies instead of hunnting them out myself as I used to.) WE are all thinking of you and your family Carol!

As for my frugal deals....I did stip at Rite-Aid last night and got some great deals. I saved 14.50 in coupons and also went to Giant grocery store and spent 44.25 and saved a total of 49.61. 31.00 of that being store savings the rest was coupons. Maybe later when I have more time I can get into the details of my trips. Until then.....
Have a great one!


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