Friday, June 27, 2008

Fresh Smelling

Toddlers and messy, stinky diapers..... they sure can tend to make a home smell a bit unpleasant. To fight against the stinky diapers in my house I rely on Renuzit TriScents.
Renuzit® TriScents™ fresheners, the newest line of electric scented oil air fresheners, gently renew your home with 3 harmonious scents in one convenient product. Available in two distinct fragrances, Seaside Breezes™ and Morning Meadow, each contains three scented oils that continuously transition throughout the day to create a longer-lasting, always enjoyable renewed scent.
With three separate settings, you can control the intensity of the fragrance delivery for as much or as little scent as they desire. Through controlled release and scent transitions, you won’t have to worry about scents disappearing, and Renuzit® TriScents™ air fresheners last up to 60 days*.
Renuzit® TriScents™ products are available at retail locations in the United States at a MSRP of $9.99 for a Starter Kit, which includes a reusable plug-in warmer and one refill unit. A refill kit retails for $4.99.
I have a Tri-Scent behind my sofa and as you walk in the front door you are greeted with the wonderful scents of Seaside Breezes. Tri-Scents does an awesome job of keeping my living room smelling fresh even with two toddler boys running around all day and making stinky diapers for me to change.
Tri-Scents is by far my favorite of these type of air fresheners. Stop by and check out the website. There are great tips and you can even print out a money saving coupon! Who doesn't love a good coupon!
Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Extra Money

Everyone could use some extra cash right? Especially with prices going up on just about everything! Working outside the home just doesn't seem to be enough anymore. So in order to add a little extra spending money or even just gas money I joined SocialSpark. At SocialSpark you write about things on your blog and get paid for doing it. There are guidelines to follow for each post you write. But it is simple and an easy way to pick up some extra money for whatever. I am currently saving up for my daughter's gymanstics class payment.

At SocialSpark there are different types of opportunities
Sponsored Post:
In the Sponsored Post Opportunity, a Blogger will create a unique sponsored post on his/her blog based on the guidance the Advertiser provides. The Advertiser can choose to have each Blogger include an image, video or press release along with the Blogger's own text. The Advertiser pays per unique blog post that is created on each unique blog.

Blog Sponsorship:
Blog sponsorships are a means by which the Advertisers to utilize SocialSpark's unique technology to create a 'welcome mat' and persistent sponsorship banner on blogs. Sponsorships can consist of text, images or video. The advertiser pays per day that a select blog runs the Blog Sponsorship.

Sparks are free Opportunities that serve as ideas for blog posts. Sparks are utilized primarily by Bloggers, but may also be used by Advertisers. They offer no tracking or segmentation options.

You choose what types you want to do. I love the blog sponsorships! They are a super easy way to get some cash!
You can also meet tons of new people at SocialSpark. You can request for someone to become your friend or they can request you. New friends and money what a great combo!
No you won't get rich from blogging for SocialSpark but in this day and age every little bit of money helps and it is great for stay at home moms! It only takes a few minutes of online time and you get a few bucks!
In order to do SocialSpark your blog must:

* Be at least 90 days old, with at least 20 pre-existing posts written in the last 90 days.
* Contain content that is original to you and the blog.
* Be a blog, meaning no message boards, websites, IM, emails or other similar services.
* Be in English or Spanish.
* Not be a blog kept primarily for making money.
SocialSpark stop by and check them out!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Still Here

I have been very bad and not blogging... it just seems I never have anytime right now.

This could be the reason I can't find time to blog

The kids have been out enjoying the pool as much as they can.
And my "baby" getting her diploma....

We have been busy with all the last minute things before she goes off to nursing school August 17th.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Graduation Day

Tonight is the night. My oldest graduates from high school. We all have our tickets and are excited for this evenings event. Last night was the Baccalaureate Service and here are a few pics
My sister, dad and me

the graduate

Raychel, Madisyn, Noah me and Andy

Miss Madisyn

Watch for graduation pics later.


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