Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Present

I bought myself a new dishwasher today. Here is a picture

I however bought it in white. It is just easier to see the picture in black. Now this was on sale for 254.99 plus tax and of course for half that price they offered the protection agreement....NOT! I stood there listening to the man, all the while thinking of this post over at Be Thrifty Like Us.
My new dishwasher will be arriving at the store Tuesday for us to pick up. Only a few more days of handwashing my dishes.
There was also a sale on apparel at Sears 30% off the clearance items so I took advantage and got a few things for the kids. Sorry no pictures...
Next I need to stop at the grocery store to take advantage of the double 1.00 coupons this week. I don't plan on getting much just a few items and a ham to make ham and bean soup. Will let you know if I get any great deals.


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