Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Think I need a BREAK!

Ok, so tonight I pick up my oldest daughter and her girlfriend from color guard practice.....and there is a "police speed check ahead". We are alll trying to figure this out since there are NO cops to be seen. We are talking and saying that maybe it was ealier in the day when the elementary school let out and what do I do? Run a red light......Both girls YELL at me telling me that was a RED light...I can't explain how it happened or where my mind was. I saw the opposing traffic's light turning yellow and I guess I saw my light but yet didn't see it. Good thing there was no traffic (or those cops we were looking for) Needless to say my daughter, who will be 17 next week and has her driving permit, will not shut up about the red light. I will hear this for days upon end especially at that intersection. She tells me she is going to her grandfather (my dad). I told her go ahead, you think HE never ran a RED light??!!?

So I guess as I sleep tonight (or hope to) I will be dreaming of....yep you guessed it RED LIGHTS!

On a side note, I have been trying to create a t-shirt for our American Heart Assoc. heart walk coming up the end of Sept. My entire family is waking as a team and here is one shirt I have created to possibly have everyone wear


Here is our heart walk page too! I really need to get cracking with collecting donations. Last year I raised a little over 300 dollars. I hope to beat that this year.



I hate school!!! Yep you heard me right, I hate school. It is only day 2 for my wonderful 10 year old and already this morning I hear "I'm not going to school today". Why would he possibly say that this early into school...well you see they were supposed to make a "me bag" for homework last night. First, he NEVER seems to do his homework. Secondly he complained he had nothing to put in this so called "bag". So being the mom that I am, I run around the house at 7am finding objects that are about him. I grabbed a mini football and his mini helmet that he got as a trophy. I then march into my 4 year old's room grab a dog and cat beanie baby (we have a dog and cat) as I am leaving her room I find a skateboard wheel lying on the floor and I grab that. I then go downstairs and rummage through my photo box and dig out the Christmas picture I took of the kids last year. Ta-da! His bag is ready....NOT. This stuff isn't "good enough" for him. He thinks they are stupid things. I tell him, well they are about you so that's what you get. He still protests as I shove them in the bag, place them in his bookbag and tell him do what he wants with the items but to get his butt out the door and on the bus to school.
So you think with him gone now the day would get better. NOPE! My 4 yr old seems to think her 1 yr old baby brother is a playtoy. She has been hitting and pushing him around all morning. So after one of her episodes my 15 yr old son decides to throw her babydoll to make her mad. Well he succeeded in that and also in knocking 2 pictures off my wall and shattering the glass in one of them. Why me?
Which now brings us to lunch time. I just cleaned up and the kids are digging out food making another mess. Isn't life grand~

Monday, August 27, 2007

Meet the crew

My oldest and youngest together

My oldest boy and youngest. Oldest boy has since got his hair cut (thank goodness)
Ok, the little princess....well she thinks she is anyway
ok so the picture is turned but isn't he just the cutest!
My middle boy!

My Little Guy...just playing with my cell phone and it's fun features.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

School Days

Well this morning starts another school year. Although my 2 high school students get another week of summer vacation. The district is redoing our high school (a 24 million dollar project...yes you read that correct. 24 MILLION) and it won't be completed for them to go until next week. Needless to say they are happy but my 10 year old 5th grader is not as happy about that fact. He also isn't happy about the fact that I numbered his socks this time. He has a bad habit of not changing his socks....thus in turn causes his stinky feet which in turn makes his sneakers stink which turns around to "Mom, I need new sneakers!" The kid also has a shoe fetish. I have never seen a boy have so many sneakers! UGH!
It is also football season.....both boys play football. This is our busy season. My oldest daughter is also in the color guard. Seems like we run around here with our heads cut off with the crazy schedule. You know of course that no one has practice at the same time. Nah that would be too easy and convienent.
Now I think it is time I MUST for my own sanity and peace of mind find somewhere for my 4 yr old daughter to go....oh yeah and she could use the social skills. What kid coulnd't benefit from playing with other ones their own age (and not siblings)
Well off to do wash now, the oldest decides 2 hours before work that her work clothes MUST be washed....sigh...the never ending wash cycle!


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