Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday, Yard Sale and Target Deal

Last week Madi turned 5. Here is the cake she had on her birthday.

Saturday I went to a yard sale and picked up a toddler race car bed for Noah. The boy is in love! He thinks this bed is the coolest thing ever.
Sunday I got a great deal on Madi's birthday present....a bike. ToysRUs had the bike I wanted on sale for 40.xx and I had a 5.00 off coupon to use. So for about 35.xx I got her a 60.00 bike!
Here is a pic it's not the best though

here is a picture of this cool fort thing my sister got her. you can build all kinds of things out of it.

here is her mermaid cake not one of my better cakes at all. i didn't have any black to do the outlining....ugh!

oh and my adorable nephew who is about 8 weeks old.

Lastly my target last week had gatorade marked to 84 cents a bottle. They had a bunch of strawberry kiwi rain....Noah's favorite thing to drink. This is a picture of some of the bottles I got.


Audrey said...


I'm Audrey. I found you through MommyFest. Though it's over, I'm loving still reading blogs and meeting others.

I love the cake. I have two girls. They are older now. But we have had some of the coolest cakes over the years. Oh and we LOVE garage sales.

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