Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wild Trip

Things to do in New York City
A few years back, my daughter and I took a trip to NY city. We did the usual tours of things. One thing we did was go over to the statue of liberty. We took the ferry over to see the statue. That statue is HUGE! I tried to go up but didn't even get up 50 steps and had to go back down....I have a great fear of heights. I had the others in our group take my daughter up. I waited down below for what seemed forever until the made their way back down out of the statue. After some gift shop shopping, we left. Our ferry ride was everything but uneventful. As our ferry was getting ready to dock a gush of water rammed us into the wall. The people on the top deck (including my daughter who was about 10) were almost thrown off. It was a bit scarey for us down below too cuz we were all thrown around and falling. It sure was a wild time!
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