Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School Sucks

Ok so I don't go to school but let me tell you I would rather that right now than the absurdness of our high school. Yeah the one we spent 24 million they claim remodeling the place. Ok I am sure some of the money went to all the new grass that was laid and the renovations to the fields. BUT my daughter comes home today and during our talk she informs me that they have no library at school...What the heck is that about?? I am hoping that they just don't have it finished yet....oh and that she has to buy a book this weekend....what? Oh well they are doing a theme or something in class and they need to buy a book. But only 2 people are allowed to be doing the same book. So the class asks what if 5 people come in with the same book Monday. The teacher's response (mind you already I dislike this teacher for making me buy a book, I mean come on we just bought school supplies, clothes, shoes etc and don't forget the 120 calculator they need too and now they want me to buy a book!) well he said "keep your reciepts" um hello isn't it easier to make a list and each kid write the book they plan to buy on it? Sure waste my time and gas running around buying a book that I may possibly have to return 2 days later? Needless to say I am not happy with "school" right now.


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