Sunday, September 9, 2007

Catching Up

Wow, it has been too long since I have been here. I had tried to sit down since last weekend and write but alas, I just never had the time to finish what I started.

Going back to last weekend (Auguat 31 that would be)...our first football game of the season for our high school. We played (and won) against a rival of ours. Everyone was to come dressed in a gold shirt (our school colors are maroon and gold) and they would get a raffle ticket. Well, I went a step further and figured out how to majorly annoy my children!! I wore the opposing team's t-shirt!! Friends thought it was funny (especially since those friends play for the other team) but my family was a bit upset. Luckily my daughter had one of her cheerleading shirts in my car so I threw that on over top of the t-shirt I wore. I had a blast "flashing" all my kids friends and wearing just the t-shirt when my daughter's band played. We won the game too by the way.

My high schoolers FINALLY started school this past week on Wednesday. I am so glad! My son is getting used to being a high schooler and my daughter HATES the things they did to the school. Especially the cafe. They used to be allowed to leave the cafe area but now they won't allow anyone out for any reason. She complains how hot it is in there. Maybe if a few kids start passing out in there they will change the policy. Oh well I told her it's only 179 more days and she will be out of there forever! Speaking of my daughter she just celebrated her 17th birthday Friday. She had a football game again so we didn't have the traditional birthday cake until last night. Chocolate cake with chocolate choice not hers. Hey if I was making it I get to choose right?

My middle son had his first football game yesterday. I didn't go. I got home from work at 7am and they had to leave by 9:30 for the game. With the game being over an hour away and me being tired, knowing it was going to get HOT outside and the baby cannot tolerate the heat at all, we stayed home. His team won though and I am told he did great. Could that just be that those words came from Dad's mouth? Nah, I am sure my kid did great.

Well I feel better now that I at least wrote about a few things. I am sure I am forgetting half of the things I wanted to say but oh well.

I leave you with this lovely cell phone picture of my little guy.


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