Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Think I need a BREAK!

Ok, so tonight I pick up my oldest daughter and her girlfriend from color guard practice.....and there is a "police speed check ahead". We are alll trying to figure this out since there are NO cops to be seen. We are talking and saying that maybe it was ealier in the day when the elementary school let out and what do I do? Run a red light......Both girls YELL at me telling me that was a RED light...I can't explain how it happened or where my mind was. I saw the opposing traffic's light turning yellow and I guess I saw my light but yet didn't see it. Good thing there was no traffic (or those cops we were looking for) Needless to say my daughter, who will be 17 next week and has her driving permit, will not shut up about the red light. I will hear this for days upon end especially at that intersection. She tells me she is going to her grandfather (my dad). I told her go ahead, you think HE never ran a RED light??!!?

So I guess as I sleep tonight (or hope to) I will be dreaming of....yep you guessed it RED LIGHTS!

On a side note, I have been trying to create a t-shirt for our American Heart Assoc. heart walk coming up the end of Sept. My entire family is waking as a team and here is one shirt I have created to possibly have everyone wear


Here is our heart walk page too! I really need to get cracking with collecting donations. Last year I raised a little over 300 dollars. I hope to beat that this year.



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