Sunday, August 26, 2007

School Days

Well this morning starts another school year. Although my 2 high school students get another week of summer vacation. The district is redoing our high school (a 24 million dollar project...yes you read that correct. 24 MILLION) and it won't be completed for them to go until next week. Needless to say they are happy but my 10 year old 5th grader is not as happy about that fact. He also isn't happy about the fact that I numbered his socks this time. He has a bad habit of not changing his socks....thus in turn causes his stinky feet which in turn makes his sneakers stink which turns around to "Mom, I need new sneakers!" The kid also has a shoe fetish. I have never seen a boy have so many sneakers! UGH!
It is also football season.....both boys play football. This is our busy season. My oldest daughter is also in the color guard. Seems like we run around here with our heads cut off with the crazy schedule. You know of course that no one has practice at the same time. Nah that would be too easy and convienent.
Now I think it is time I MUST for my own sanity and peace of mind find somewhere for my 4 yr old daughter to go....oh yeah and she could use the social skills. What kid coulnd't benefit from playing with other ones their own age (and not siblings)
Well off to do wash now, the oldest decides 2 hours before work that her work clothes MUST be washed....sigh...the never ending wash cycle!


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