Thursday, January 1, 2009

Still here and pregnant....

Happy New Year to all. Hope everyone had a safe and fun night last night.
My hopes of having my New Years Baby, the first one of the year, were dashed last night. Oh well, I never really believed I could get lucky enough to have her then. Especially when it isn't my actual due date until Monday. None of my others have come early, so I didn't think she would either. But one can have hope.
Nothing much happened here last night. The two oldest went out with friends and we stayed home with the 3 youngest. Two of them made it to midnight. Me and Noah went up to bed a little after 11. I know it was so close but I had such a headache and was so discouraged that I had no contractions I just wanted to sleep.
Today, I am running around doing all kinds of cleaning and organizing, not to be ready for the baby but to hopefully kick start labor. So far it isn't helping any. I still plan to take my tree down today, I already cleaned all the kids rooms and did a bunch of wash and steamed the kitchen floor. I have our traditional pork and sauerkraut in the crockpot and the smell is driving me insane. I cannot wait to eat it. The kids aren't fond of it but I only make them eat it once a year.
Well must get back to my "work" I have sat long enough. Gotta evict this baby girl! So feel free to send me all your labor vibes cuz I am sure ready to meet our new gal. (now if only we had a name ready, lol)


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