Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today's update

Little guy had his recheck today at the pediatrician's. I am happy to say he sounds 100% better according to the doctor compared to last week. He is still coughing and doc said he probably will for a few more weeks but to keep up the breathing treatments. I am just happy to hear he is sounding better.
As for me I was a bit worried about baby since yesterday. She decided I guess to take a super long nap and no matter what I did she wouldn't move. I began to worry because it had been 24 hours since I felt anything. But all of a sudden now she is awake and letting me know all is well. Whew!
Baby Girl stayed home from Kindergarten today sick with a slight fever. She rested most of the day and seems a bit better this evening. Hopefully whatever is up with her is short lived and on it's way out the door. It is only November and 60 some degrees here and we have had so much sickness already. I dread the long winter months ahead....


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