Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween
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Trick or Treat!
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I took the kids out trick or treating for a little. It got a bit chilly here where we are so I didn't want to keep the little guy out too long. He was just back at the doctor yesterday for his recheck only to find that now he has an ear infection and also has crackle sounds in his chest. I didn't want him to not get to go out so we went around the block. That is plenty of candy though for a 2 yr old and he had a blast. The older kids stayed out a bit longer before calling it a night. I am trying to get my pictures uploaded to the computer but every time I try the computer crashes. Not sure yet why so I will work on getting the pics soon. Hope everyone had a great time tonight! Remember to be safe and I don't recommend letting the kids have any candy that was made in China...we actually got a few pieces and I took them from them. Rather safe than sorry in my book.


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