Monday, October 27, 2008

Caution Venting Post

I plan to vent and whine in this post. Feel free to skip if you want.

I am so tired.....there is no menu for this week because I am too tired to do one.
I work outside the home overnight 4 nights a week and I babysit my nephew along with having my kids during the week. My wonderful hubby (ahem) who doesn't work (he is still home from a work injury 2 and a half years ago) is just getting me down. He knows I am tired and pregnant yet just seems to be so selfish. Friday night after being up with the kids all day he went to our local high school football game, leaving me with the little ones to watch. No sleep there. Then Saturday morning when I got home off he went for a day of hunting...hence again no sleep there until 1 hour before I had to be at work. Sunday I came home for a 30 minute snooze to get up and sit with kids again while he took our middle son to his final football game. I think I eventually got a little over an hour of sleep after dinner was made and cleaned up. Again I went to work. I come home this morning and off he goes out the door to hunt again leaving me with my 2 youngest and my nephew who I watch during the week while my sister works. I also had to get my daughter ready for kindergarten and drag all the ids up on this down right chilly day to the bus stop. I cannot even rest my eyes for a second...if I try Noah scrams WAKE UP MOMMY!! Ugh I am just exhausted....anyone have a pillow I can borrow in a nice quiet room??


Farrah said...

OMG!! Keeping that schedule would make anyone tired, not to mention being 30weeks pregnant and working nights. You need some sleep even if it means hiring a babysitter for a couple hours for you to get some rest. Your body and your baby NEED it, no kidding.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my sling giveaway. It sounds like you may really need a sling in a few short weeks. I hope you visit again soon, if you have the time. :) Blessings.
BabyLove Slings

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