Saturday, May 3, 2008


Remember the photo contest I told you all about at 5 Minutes For Mom? Well I am a finalist in the contest!! I am just so shocked! There were so many great photos and stories I just can't believe I was picked! Please stop and by 5 Minutes For Mom if you would and vote for my picture. Here is the picture again...

and you can read my story on this post Motherhood
Thank you Janice and Jennifer for choosing my photo to be a finalist!


The Downtown Boutique said...

Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog...Rio Oso Designs. Your photo is just beautiful! I can totally relate. I don't have any of my son's hospital stays on digital photo, but I may see if I can start scanning some in...gotta get a scanner.

Something husband had a baby with his high school girlfriend back in 1987. She was born with HLHS!!! She died two weeks later, because at that time, there had been no success with surgeries to correct that. But her death is what brought my husband to the Lord, so I am eternally grateful. We will see his daughter in Heaven one day.

It's the right side of my son's heart that is missing. God has really truly blessed me with my son, AND with my husband who has complete understanding about our son's health issues!

God bless!

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