Saturday, May 3, 2008

CLean House

No I am not cleaning house....well I have been trying to get rid of more stuff that has found it's way into our home but no the show Clean House on Style Network. For some reason the show came to our little town in PA. I am not qutie sure what brought them here because I thought they only did shows in the LA area...Anyway I love watching Niecy Nash on that show. She is always so bubbly and happy....well that isn't the Niecy I got a glimpse of today. She basically just hid from all the people and didn't even smile. It was kind of a let down. I did however chat for a few moments with Trish. She was very nice and was the highlight of the yard sale. I think Matt was there selling items but I can't be 100% sure. I don't know who else it could have been though. There were a lot of people, police and all there. And a lot of JUNK!! Seriously I have never seen so much junk on one of these shows. I hate to see what the "trash" looked like that they couldn't sell. I am hoping to catch the episode when it is on TV. I am very curious to see what the before and after look like.
All in all it was a worthless trip there. Didn't even have 2 seconds to catch a photo of Niecy....and that bummed me out. It really lessened my impression of her. (Sorry Niecy but it's true)
I did catch a few other yard sales today
I came home spending $19.00 and got a little tykes basketball net, a little tykes cube slide(which I already have but got for my nephew at his house) a Disney dress for Madi a Nemo bathmat for Noah in the tub so he doesn't slip, a pair of biboverall jeans for Noah and 4 tshirts (from skate shop and Pac Sun) for my boys and a zip hoodie for the boys too. I think I did good because the older boys cltohing new would have been easily $20.00 each. I only wish there was time for more yard sales. There is always next weekend to look forward to. I already have a few lined up that are next weekend!
What about you any good yard sales in your area? Share your deals with us all!!


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