Thursday, May 29, 2008

Been Busy

It's been a few days ok a week since I last posted. We took a family trip over the holiday weekend to Atlantic City. We visited the aquarium they have there and also went to Storybook Land and ate at Rainforest Cafe. The kids had a wonderful time. At the aqaurium they had touch tanks and the kids got to hold different creatures and there was a shark/string tank they got to feed the sharks and sting rays. Here are some pics
Noah holding a starfish

Stingray the kids fed. This bugger was crazy, he came up the side on time and just soaked us all with water.

Shark in feeding tank

Holding a sea urchin

Moon jellies

After we came home Noah had his first dental visit, he has some issues with his teeth and we needed to have them looked at. The dentist his insurance sent us to wants to do surgery next month. That isn't happening....I set up an appointment for a second opinion with the guy hubby is doing work for right now. He didn't seem to think Noah needed surgery but wasn't ready to work on Noah himself so sent us to yet another dentist who cannot see Noah until October. So now today I have to call this man back and see what he thinks we should do. It has been a crazy week with all the dental visits and stuff. Noah sure does love the dental chair though. Climbed up and sat there like a champ. Guess after having 3 open heart surgeries and a barium enema all before turning 2 makes the dentist office a piece of cake.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


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