Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gun holsters/free mug with order

Galco holsters gained worldwide notoriety when Don Johnson chose to wear the Jackass shoulder rig in the popular TV series "Miami Vice". Now known as the Miami Classic, this shoulder holster continues to be the most famous, recognizable, and imitated (but never duplicated) shoulder holster rig ever made.
Not only does Galco continue to be the favorite choice of Hollywood's hottest stars, but most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and most local law enforcement agencies have put Galco holsters to work for them. Likewise civilians have found Galco to represent the highest quality the industry has to offer. From our Premium saddle leather, Ballistic nylon, and of course horsehide, to the designs that have made Galco Holsters famous, Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference."

Receive a FREE Galco Coffee Mug when you purchase ANY Galco Holster (limit one mug per order).

FREE SHIPPING ON GALCO HOLSTERS - Order over $75 Dollars worth of Galco products and get FREE ground shipping on your order. Type "galco" in the coupon box at checkout to remove ground shipping charges.


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