Monday, March 3, 2008


Our local paper did an article today on gardening and how container gardening is something more and more people are doing. Each year we have a vegetable garden. We do the tomatoes and peppers each year and mix in some other things depending on the mood. Last year I did sunflowers, radishes, carrots and lettuce. We also had cantalopes and watermelon. I think I will try the watermelon again. I probably won't do the radish or carrots as I didn't have luck with the carrots and no one but me like radishes. I saw a mini lettuce which sounds interesting and I think I will look for some to plant. What about you do you garden and what do you grow? In addition to our veggie garden we have many flower beds at the house.

My mailman was good to me today. My son got his social security check and I got these goodies

A gooide bag from Colgate company, a gift card from my points and free chex mix

these are the items that are in the colgate bag along with some coupons. I think this was an offer where you sent in upc's from certain products totaling a certain amount and they send you this bag. If this is wrong someone correct me.
I took this picture with my cell phone of my nephew today. Thought it turned out rather cool.


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