Thursday, March 6, 2008

Free Pet Food

Today I went and used some coupons I had for free bags of pet food. I got a 4lb one for the cat and 5lb for the dog. Retail value of each bag was 10.00 and I got a free cat food sample too.
I stopped at CVS the other day, they were out of Hershey kisses but I hope to go back tonight for some. I did get however the following
a wisp and used a 5.00 off coupon
4 things of kandoo wipes used a 1.00 off coupon and 2 buy one get one free coupons
4 cadbury eggs used a buy 2 get 2 free coupon
4 russel stover eggs used a buy 2 get 2 free coupon
dawn dish liquid used a 1.00 off (on sale for 97 cents)
2 degree travel size used 2 1.00 off coupons
used 2 of the 5 off 15 coupons and paid 5.48
total saved was 28.56
I thought I did pretty good. And I earned 2.00 in ECB's. (that could be 2 bags of Hershey kisses!)
Not much else going on around here. Been trying to Spring Clean a bit and get rid of some stuff. There just seems to be so much "stuff" in this house.
Tomorrow my little man turns 2. I cannot believe he will be 2 already. Then again sometimes I sit and say to myself "only 2" He has been through so much in his short life that when I reflect on all of that he seems so much older to me. I am just greatful for the medical care he has received and that we are blessed to have him in our lives. I will make him a cake for tomorrow but his party will probably be next weekend. I will post pics of his birthday and cake tomorrow!


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