Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another CVS hit and run!

I stopped in at CVS last night to get some diapers for the little man. Along with diapers I got the following

2 bags of dove chocolate eggs (they were 2 for6.00 and you got back 2.00ECBs I used a buy one get one free coupon I printed
2 backsplayskool baby wipes (used 2 1.00 off coupons I printed)
2 johnson bath buddies (had the buy 2 get 2.00 off coupon)
2 tubs of kandoo wipes (had a buy one get one free coupon)
(i accidentally got charged for 3 though)

I got 12 bags (yes count them 12) of reeses peanut butter cups minis that were on sale buy 1 get one free (I used 3 of the buy 3 get 1.50 off coupons for these)

in addition to my coupons i used the following
9.00 ecbs and a 3.00 ecb i got as a birthday card from cvs (today is my birthday)and 3 of the 5 off 15 coupons
now the guy did all of these in 2 transactions because he said i could only use 2 of the 5 off 15 in one transaction. it also looks on my receipt that the buy one get one free for dove chocolate rang us twice (thats 3.00 though towards the overcharge of 3.49)
so all in all i paid nothing on the first order and on the second one i paid $16.94
my total saved that trip was $66.44 between the 2 orders and i earned back 5.00 ecbs
not bad for $83.xx worth of stuff! This was my best CVS run yet!!
and for those wondering about all the chocolate i got....the dove is for me and me alone and the reeses are for Easter baskets and some will go in the freezer to keep.


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