Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am usually loyal in buying diapers for my son. I always buy Pampers Baby Dry. (He is actually allergic to te Pampers Cruisers) Well the other week CVS had Huggies on sale and I had some Extra Card Bucks to burn so I bought them. I have bought the Huggies Supreme before and wasn't too impressed. The tabs don't stay well for him. Well I decided to try the regular Huggies. I got a few more by buying that type. Well the website for them says that the waistband is "stretchy". Not sure who actually thought that because I saw no "stretch" to them. So I promptly emailed the company telling them of my dislike for the diapers. They responded telling me to try the Supreme line and that they would send me coupons. Today I got the coupons and they sent me a coupon for a free bag and also two 1.00 coupons. I guess I will at least use the one for the free bag and will get a bag of Supreme's and try them again.

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