Monday, October 15, 2007


Noah with is Pop-pop and cousing Tyler

Meet Tinkerbell.....this cat lived on our porch for a few weeks. Maddie brought her in occasionally to play. Well last week the weather decided to get cold and hubby agreed to let her in. So now she spends most of her time inside with us. She still goes out to "play" and brings home the occasional "present" to me....this past weekend was a baby bird and a chipmunk. She had to have been someones cat before, she is liter box trained (big brownie points for her!) and is very affectionate.

Kids are enjoying getting ready to Halloween. We dug out the decorations and have our costumes and candy ready. Now we just wait for Halloween. Last year at this time, we were preparing for Noah's heart catherization and then for his "emergency" surgery. He spent a week on oxygen and then a week in the hospital following his surgery. He came home Hallween night. Iam so glad to be having a normal Halloween this year!


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