Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't do Mangos

I must say I have been doing really well making Morgan's food. And so far she has liked it all. Until today...I tried Mangos. I should have known from the start it was a bad idea. I have never eaten a Mango before or bought one. But for the Diva I bought 2 and was going to do this. Well let me say cutting it open (the way it said to online...yes I had to google how to cut a Mango) didn't exactly go the way it was supposed to. Not sure why. So I decided to steam it a bit to make sure it pureed nicely. I think I added too much water to it. It was more like Mango juice when it was done. So the inventive person I am added to it. I won't go into detail as to the additions I made, as to spare myself from hearing the laughter of my friends. But what is done is done. I will offer it to her and see if she likes it. If not...well the dog will get a treat. So today's lesson learned....I will stay away from the Mangos and stick with fruits I eat.


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