Thursday, January 15, 2009

My gift to myself....

Today I ordered this for myself. Did I really need a new camera? Probably not but it is my belated Christmas present/early birthday present to myself....or maybe I can just call it my "congratulations on the new baby" gift to myself. I am very anxious for it to arrive and test it out. Not that I know all that much about photography, but I know I would love to learn more than to point and shoot. (anyone know of any good online sites to learn please share them with me. I would love a SLR camera but it just isn't in the budget. From what I read this is pretty darn close to having one, or at least I think so. I am no camera expert. I really probably should have used that money towards a new washer, which I really should get, yeah my old one works but it is VERY OLD and I am sure the clothes would look a lot better with a new washer. Or I could have put that money towards new furniture which I really should get too or even the living room rug we need to replace. But hey those things can wait...I needed ok well wanted this camera. I will work on the other things when I get my tax refund.


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