Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Done....I think

I think I can officially say I am done with my Christmas shopping. I took advantage of a few cyber monday deals for the little guy and I think I have him finished. My goal this year was to be done shopping by Dec 1st and it looks like I did it. Now to just wrap it all.....anyone wanna help? I hate wrapping gifts. I shouldn't say that. I don't mind wrapping one or two but Christmas time...oh how I dread that. I guess I will have to start doing one or two a day to get it done before Christmas Eve. I also hate to see then what all I really did buy for the kids. I need to learn more self control in that department. Why is it you go shopping for one child but cant' find what you want for them but stuff for all the others who really didn't need anything else? Am I the only one with that issue? Please tell me I am not alone here folks. I admit my kids get too much each year. Every year I say they won't get as much and somehow when it is all done they have more than needed. I really will work on that next year. What cyber monday deals have you taken advantage of?


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