Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking for Eyeglasses?

I am in desperate need of new glasses. I know the prescription needs to be adjusted and I am just waiting until after I have the baby to go get them. ZenniOptical has prescription eyeglasses online for as low as $8.00!
ZenniOptical uses the latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems to bring their product direct from our factories to you. No middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget. This allows them to bring you great prices for their own name brand glasses.
To place an order, you need to have at least a prescription for corrective eyeglass lens and your pupillary distance. If you have a prescription for contact lens, it may not be used to make eyeglasses.

When you have your eyes examined, request the PD of the person who does your exam, since corrected lens cannot be made without it. It’s used to position the optical center of the lens so that you will be able to easily see through the lens, to center the correction in front of the pupil of your eye, in the eyeglasses. Therefore, you cannot alter your PD simply to have it match the specifications of a frame that you might want (which will not accept your PD), because you will not be able to see through a lens produced from incorrect information. I know when I go in for my exam I will be asking for the PD along with my prescription! For more information on this read this page.
They even offer a guarantee which states (taken from website)

We take great pride in delivering a quality product at an incredibly low price. Each order is carefully checked by our certified technicians for prescription accuracy and optical clarity before shipment. Since all orders are custom produced and unique, all sales are final. Please be very careful in filling out the order form.

If you are dissatisfied with your eyeglasses for any reason, they may be returned for a -50% refund within a period of four weeks. We do not reimburse for shipping and handling of orders returned for a refund. If the glasses are being returned for a warranty issue, this must be completed within the 30 day period, as well. We do not address warranty issues beyond a thirty day period.

Read what the Chicago Tribune had to say about ZenniOptical.

If you wear glasses it is worth the stop at their website to check them out. They even offer chilren's glasses!


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