Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Layaway with Sears

Did you know that Sears now offers a layaway program? For only $15 or 20% down (whichever is greater) you can layaway most items at Sears and pick it up by December 23rd.
Layaway is a great option for many people. I used to use layaway all the time at Christmas. I was upset when stores starting doing away with layaway plans. Layaway lets me stretch out my shopping over more time and allows me to purchase the things I want. And if I wait to pick my layaway up until the end I don't have the hassle of "hiding" my Christmas gifts from the kids. We all know how they like to search around to find the stuff ahead of time. This year I am considering putting a few things on Sears Layaway for Christmas like this

Fuji Finepix Z20FD Camera for my oldest,

PSP, NCAA Football 09 for my middle boy

and the Playskool Clipo Big Bucket: Playskool Clipo Big Bucket for my little guy.



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