Monday, November 3, 2008

Call me a Slacker....

I know I have been slacking on my blog...with having a sick little guy and working I don't think I have really slept a full night the last 2 weeks. Hopefully he will soon be 100% better and I can get a few nights rest on my days off.
My oldest came home this weekend. The first since she left in August. It was really nice to have her around (and I didn't even make her babysit at all, lol) I took her shopping Saturday at JC Penney Outlet store to get some scrubs for her new job at the hospital. I had a 25% off coupon so it was a great deal. She even got a cute wool pea coat. The 2 little ones really enjoyed having her around too. The little guy even cried when I dropped her off at her dorm last night. It broke my heart....hopefully she comes home more often.
This morning in our paper was an article about 3 boys you can read it here. These poor boys were burned by fire yesterday. These boys are friends of my middle son and the same age. In fact he plays football with them and some are in his class in school. I feel for these parents and boys. I pray they all recover quickly and with minimal damage to their bodies. The whole thing is sad. Yes I am sure some will say things that the parents should have stayed outside etc but right now none of those things matter. All that matters is the recovery of these boys with as little trauma to them as possible. Please keep them in your prayers.

Today is Menu Monday too so here goes....

Monday Chili
Tuesday Roasted Chicken thighs/legs
Wednesday Pasta night
Thursday Meatball sandwiches
Friday Homemade Mac and Cheese and stewed tomatoes
Saturday Ham dinner
Sunday Ham and green beans


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