Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Layaway Option

Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is another layaway option for you to use.
All you do is pick out your items, take them to the layaway counter and put down a down payment. Make payments every 2 weeks and when it is paid off take your items home. Simple as that.
Your down payment is either a $5.00 layaway fee plus a $10 cancellation fee (in case you cancel) or 10% of the total whichever is greater. Maryland has it's own layaway rules so be sure to check that out if needed. Of course certain items are not allowed to be put on layaway. Make sure to check out the site for full rules and details.
And remember layaway isn't just for the holidays. Use it for back to school shopping, birthday shopping whatever you can think of. It is a great way to spread out your spending on larger priced items. Both of my older boys have birthdays in July a week apart and layaway is a good option for me to purchase their birthday gifts without breaking my budget. I also like to use layaway for back to school shopping. With a large family it helps to be able to spread out the cost of back to school. And with layaway I know the kids will be able to pick the styles of items they really want instead of waiting and having to pick from what is left.
What other ways do you use layaway??
Make sure you stop by the Kmart site for your printable $5.00 off coupon good until Nov 30th.

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