Saturday, October 18, 2008


Wow where did the week go....
I was without internet for 2 days. That really sucked because that meant my phone was out too. Took me forever then to get back online because some setting on my laptop got messed up and I was unable to network. Things are back in order though.
The Elton John concert was wonderful. I am so glad I was able to go. It really was different though compared to the "rock" concerts I have always gone to. LOL
Thursday I had to take my little guy to the docs...they are in the process of diagnosing him with asthma. He was put on 2 meds and given and aerochamber to use. Needless to say he is freaking about this. He is fine with the mask and all but doesn't like when the inhaler is put into it. So he fights and screams and probably gets nothing in him that he needs. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Remember he is only 2 and a half. I already asked the doc for meds he can take orally with his heart meds and the doc tells me there is no effective oral meds.... I am not 100% sure on that though because I know there are oral meds. So we will see.
Today I took the kids and headed to JC Penney Outlet. I like checking them out every so often and they were having a sale on infant gowns that I wanted to check on. I ended up getting a few gowns and some other newborn outfits and I got Miss Madi a few school outfits and a winter coat for school (only for school and good) and some work scrubs for me.
Now we are home and it is cleaning time and you see how into that I am....LOL. Instead I am catching up online. Hey that is important stuff too. Right?

Now I will try and leave you with a video clip from the concert...(I never posted video before so bear with me)ok so i can't use blogger to do it so here it is...


Jess said...

try a month w.o internet... that's a challenge especially when it happened after starting my blog birthday party. so that all got pushed back.

Thanks for stopping by and GL to you too.

The Mom said...

Hey stranger! Munchkin has an aerochamber too and the best I could come up with was that when he inhales deep enough, it makes a growling noise. Maybe see if that will get him to do it?? Munchkin went for the 'dinosaur' idea of it growling at him 'good job'...then again, he was almost 5. ((hugs))

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