Friday, October 24, 2008

McDonals's Anyone?

Last night my wonderful 5 year old decided to empty her brother's toybox in the living room. Guess she had decided what I was doing this morning. I figured since all the toys were out of the box it would be a good time to slim down the contents. What I found though was shocking. Toy after toy that I picked up came from a McDonald's Happy Meal....bad bad mommy. Apparently my children eat way to many Happy Meals at lunch time when we are on the road. I will have to look into a better alternative for when we are traveling during lunch time. (which is often) Needless to say I felt the trash men would get great use of these wonderful and educational toys so I donated 95% of them to these wonderful men. We did keep the hotwheels cars and things like that. It is amazing today how the kids are playing now that they have newfound toys. (you know the ones at the bottom of the toybox)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Isn't it an awful discovery? Happened to me recently and I realized we may eat too much fast food. Yikes.

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