Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just my luck

I went to use my crockpot this morning to make my stuffed peppers today instead of Saturday because I will be out of town all day for a doctor appointment with my little guy. Well I picked it up and saw that the whole side was cracked. And all the way through too not just a little line. So now that blew out that plan for dinner. Guess it is back to sloppy joes. No they don't take all that long but after traveling an hour and a half one way to the doctors, a visit that lasts a minimum of an hour and the two hour ride home due to the evening rush hour and all with a 2yr old and 1 yr old I just didn't want to cook at all. Thank goodness I entered the crockpot contest over at A Year Of Crockpotting. I would be so lucky if I won now. Cross your finger and toes for me!


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