Monday, September 8, 2008

Today's CVS deals

I just went to cvs and spent 36.30 and saved 60.60 they have summer stuff 90% off got some goggle and dive sticks and flip flops stop by and see what your cvs has. here is my list

flip flops .49 saved 4.50
dive stick .39 saved 3.60
goggles .69 saved 6.30
goggles .29 saved 2.70
goggles .29 saved 2.70
huggies pull ups 9.49 saved 4.00 then had a 2.00 off coupon
huggies pull up 9.49 saved 4.00 then had a 2.00 off coupon
aussie shampoo 2.49 saved 1.80 then had a 2.00 off 2 coupon
aussie conditioner 2.49 saved 1.80
colgates 6 @ 2.79 each buy 1 get one free had 6 1.00 off coupons
ladies speed stick 4 @ 3.29 buy 1 get one free had 2 1.00 off 2 coupons
huggies little swimmers 8.99 had a 1.25 off coupon
earned 2.00 extra bucks for aussie purchase.

I also listed an auction this morning on ebay to get rid of some outgrown clothing from my little guy. You can see that here.

We took a vacation to Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend. WE visited the zoo and aquarium, aviary and children's museum while there.
My middle boy

Little guy and daddy. They just crawled through the sting ray tunnel and were looking at the rays in the water.

cool fish

feeding the lories

this is a cool picture of the kids in a water fountain that was all steps and you could "swim" in


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