Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Fun

5 Minutes for Mom is having a Summer Fun Photo Contest! I have so many photos but I think this one is so adorable. What is more fun when you are 2 than helping dad to cut the grass. I am sure one day he won't think it is as much fun! Stop by 5 Minutes for Mom and check out all the other great photos and even enter one of your own.


Jo-Jo said...

My little boy loves his mower too! When daddy is mowing grass he gets out his little bubble mower and goes to work!

Angela said...

So cute to watch children imitate things their parents do. To be so young and carefree....good luck!

Kim said...

Hopefully, he'll still like to help in another 10 years.

kelly said...

What a great helper!

Midwest Mommy said...

How cute! This made me giggle.
Good luck!

Kim said...

How sweet! My son used to have one that even blew out bubbles as he mowed. Unfortunately I never got a picture of him playing with it. You've got a wonderful picture here!

I'm so glad that I have found your blog as I have truly enjoyed reading through it. I have added you to my feed reader so that I can keep up.

I too have entered a photo into this contest and wanted to wish you the best of luck.

I've also entered my photo into another contest that is going on this week. Please check it out! I appreciate any votes I can get! :)

Heidi Zawisza said...

That is so sweet!

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