Monday, May 5, 2008

Sedona Method

A New Earth meets The Secret find out how the secret works.
The Sedona Method: The Bridge between The Secret and A New Earth
Learn how the power and simplicity of The Sedona Method bridges the gap between getting what you want with the Law of Attraction and becoming free of attachment to your ego.
It is a tool that is at the leading edge of the peaceful revolution in consciousness that is sweeping the planet.
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The Mission of Sedona Training Associates

Transforming Minds – Transforming Lives Worldwide through The Sedona Method and the Holistic Releasing Process. Our mission is to support you in alleviating your physical and emotional suffering and liberating your natural inner freedom to have, be and do whatever your heart desires. We support individuals and organizations in achieving balance, success, wellness, strength, effectiveness, happiness and well-being.
studies also reveal that individuals using The Sedona Method show significant reduction in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure. With respect to short versus long-term gain, the overall findings suggest that The Sedona Method is effective in promoting and maintaining stress reduction many months after the training.


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