Monday, May 12, 2008

MommyFest Blog Party Week

It is party time again! Welcome to my blog. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy yourself. I am Stacy and I am the Mom of 5 wonderful little ones. My oldest will graduate high school next month and is going to nursing school in August. She plans on becoming a nurse anesthetist. I also have another daughter who turns 5 tomorrow May 13th. I have 3 boys 15, 10 and 2. My 2 yr old was born with a Congenital Heart Disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He basically was born with the left side of his heart missing. I work the night shift 4 nights a week at our local hospital. I work in the Laboratory where we process blood and other specimens. It is an interesting job.
I have tried to become a very frugal shopper. I must say I am doing pretty good on this new journey. I am saving a lot more money then before by reading blogs and hearing what others are doing.
I like to write about our daily goings on and also through in some deals and freebies.
Hope you take a bit and read more of my blog and learn more about us. Enjoy the blog party. Be sure to check out the contests at MommyFest too!


That Crazy Mom said...

Just stopping by to say hi from another MommyFest participant!

Frances said...

Stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi!

Joy said...

Here from Mommyfest and just wanted to say sorry about your little man! I hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from Mommyfest just to say Hi

Chrys said...

Nice to meet you:) I hope you are having a blast at Mommy Fest! We're having a Mommy Fest Scavenger hunt - come check it out!


Jenny said...

Hope you're enjoying mommyfest. I'm just stopping by to say hi. I'm Jenny. I live at The So Called Me. Hope to see you hop on over there. I'd love to have you. Anyway, great to meet you! I've bookmarked you for more reading.

<3 Jenny

WBO - Talk Radio Producer said...

I am participating in Mommy Fest Blog Party. This is fun! I like your blog! Drop by for a visit at mine!

Suzie said...

Wow a mom of five good luck to you. Im stressed with two. Stopping by for the party. Stop by mine if you get the chance.

listplanit said...

Popping in from Mommy Fest. Great to meet you!


Karrine said...

Thank you for sharing your blog :)
I am really enjoying this blog fest !
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Angie said...

Hi Stacy,
Dropping by from Mommy Fest. Nice to meet you.

Little Ladybug Designs said...

I am stopping by from the Mommyfest. It's so nice to meet you. Don't forget to stop by my blog for a great giveaway! Happy Blog Partying!

Unycorne said...

It's so great to meet you in the Mommyfest Blog Party!

I hope to see you at my blog also. (I was a little late putting my site in the links, but you can go to The "Official" Heather Quarnstrom Blog.) Don't forget to enter the contests while you're there. :D

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Found your blog via Mommyfest. Your intro pulled me in because my sister also had a child born with left hypoplastic heart syndrome. I hope your child is living well with it.


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