Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just another day...

The weather has been so nice here the last few days I have been neglecting dear blog. Well that and the fact that I worked all weekend had off Monday and work up until Friday morning. All I can say is TIRED! The kids are having a blast playing outside. I seem to go on even less sleep during the warmer weather. I just like being out with the little ones. Right now though I am highlighting my hair while they are out playing. Hopefully the hair turns out ok. If it does maybe I will post a pic. If not....well it will be off the buy some hairdye and do my whole head over the weekend. LOL!
I have a Target trip lined up for tomorrow. I stopped there Tuesday and got some good deals. I have a few more I want to get tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a great post about it.
Oh yeah, remember how I complained about my WAlmart and the reusable bags this past Saturday? Well after my email to the company, the store called me. Seems they didn't have them in time for the giveaway and got them in time for Earth Day and did it then. The manager told me she wanted to be sure I received one so she put one (actually 2) aside for me. That was really nice of her and gave me a good impression of the customer service. My daughter was thrilled when she saw they left me 2 because she had wanted one Saturday when we were there. I really think I am going to try and stock up on these bags to use when I go out. I have so many plastic bags it isn't even funny. Even with using them for small trash bags I have too many.
Well time to rinse the hair......


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