Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well yesterday my 4 year old decided she was a hairdresser. The customer, better make that victim, was my soon to be 2 year old. His reaction to his new style....

Guess we won't be doing this style for his birthday, lol.

My nephew stayed a little late and he had dinner with us. He just turned 10 months old. Isn't he cute? He did really well at the table. Then he got bored and the dog ate very well.

I also decided not too long ago I needed another hobby...yeah like I have time for the ones I already have...anyway, I wanted to do scrapbooking. (doesn't sound frugal to me though) Here is the beginnings of my first ever page. I did add a few butterfly stickers to it after the picture was taken. Oh yeah ignore the purple it was just a lid I laid the page on. If anyone has any tips or sites to share they are greatly welcome!

Hmm, there you have my day yesterday. Now don't I lead the adventurous life? LOL!


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